Staff Enhancement
Recruiting, selecting, and hiring IT staff is an emerging challenge for all organizations, particularly given the high expectations placed on new personnel, the uncertainty of the length of the hiring cycle, and the reality that the skills mix and amount of IT staff required in an organization may vary over time.  Bridgewater Consulting Group provides clients the ability to enhance their IT staff with skilled personnel for a pre-defined period of time and assistance in recruiting and hiring professionals for their internal IT function.

Managed Compliance
Organizations face a number of challenges in ensuring compliance within the IT area, particularly in the face of increasing regulation and addressing the inherent complexity in associated requirements.  The most significant obstacles to IT compliance relate to staying abreast of regulatory changes, measuring the benefits of IT compliance, promoting an enterprise-wide compliance culture, and having the adequate staff to develop, execute and manage the compliance plans.  Bridgewater Consulting Group offers a set of Managed Compliance Services tailored to meet industry-specific requirements (e.g. HIPAA) and provide clients with specialized capabilities in a variety of IT compliance areas. The benefits of the Managed Compliance Services include minimizing productivity losses from unexpected downtime, enabling staff to better focus on business-critical tasks and ensuring compliance with key regulations and internal requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing
In their efforts to achieve corporate goals and objectives, attain the highest performance levels of performance levels and focus on core business activities, organizations turn to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).  The adequate use of BPO provides businesses the opportunity to access specialized skills, tap into capabilities that the client organization would find unfeasible to reproduce, adapt to sudden changes in resource demands, mitigate capital expenditure requirements and transfer the execution risk to a third-party.  Bridgewater Consulting Group offers BPO services to support clients in executing specialized operational programs and related administrative functions, including providing assistance in selecting and implementing software systems, writing policies and procedures, establishing stakeholder-facing functions and implementing performance reporting systems to facilitate alignment with the clients’ governance structure.