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Case Studies

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Business Continuity Management

The Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting, better known as WIPR (the call sign for its media stations), lacked a formal information security program, including a business continuity management program component. WIPR lacked detailed planning that could support WIPR’s recovery from a significant business interruption, including natural disasters, which was significant given WIPR’s role as Puerto Rico’s official media station. Bridgewater Consulting Group supported management in establishing a formal security program, as well as a business continuity program. The project helped WIPR address gaps in its business continuity planning and established a framework for ongoing business continuity planning activities.


Outsourcing Services

The Puerto Rico state government has operated the Medicaid Interoperability Program (formerly known as the Electronic Health Record Incentive Program) since 2012 initially to promote adoption and Meaningful Use of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) and later to promote and prioritize interoperability and exchange of health care data among Puerto Rico’s Medicaid provider population. The program, which is sponsored by the Puerto Rico Department of Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has paid over $200MM in incentives to over 3,300 eligible providers. In addition, it has set the stage for provider adoption and participation in the Puerto Rico Health Information Exchange (HIE) launched in 2021. Bridgewater Consulting Group has operated the program since 2013 under an agreement to provide a broad scope of services including provider outreach, communication, and technical assistance; provider attestation intake; attestation review and evaluation according to CMS rulemaking; and incentive payment pre-processing.