Cloud Services

Cloud Services

We offer cloud services, including managed services, to clients using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Our services team can support you in multiple areas, including the following use cases:

Cloud Migration

The value proposition of migrating workloads to the AWS cloud is a compelling one: increased agility, pay-as-you go model, scalability,  cost efficiency, downtime reductions, and increased productivity, among others. Organizations can migrate practically any type of workload, including applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, and call centers to the AWS cloud. Our service portfolio leverages our experience with migrating workloads to the cloud leveraging AWS technologies that accelerate cloud migration and mitigate migration risks.

Customer Enablement

Amazon strives to be the Earth’s most customer centric company and a big part of that is focusing on how it engages with customers. Amazon needed technology that could engage its customers in a personal, dynamic, and natural way across its contact centers and through mobile and email messaging, so Amazon built it. Our service portfolio helps marketers and customer service professionals leverage this technology to create the best possible customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

Remote Work

Our service portfolio for this use case supports organizations in implementing flexible options to enable their workforce to perform their duties from any location while promoting productivity and ensuring adequate security. This includes a portfolio of AWS services used globally by Amazon employees.

Disaster Recovery

Organizations are continuously seeking for solutions that cost-effectively balance data protection requirements with the ability to recover their IT service infrastructure with minimal data loss and within business-driven recovery objectives. Our service portfolio for this use case allows organizations that are currently operating primarily in an on-premise or hybrid IT model to reap the benefits of the cloud for disaster recovery.

Security, Identity, and Compliance

One of the most significant challenges facing organizations is how to protect critical assets, including data, while affording flexibility in terms of how to deploy security controls. Once security controls are implemented, their effectiveness must be continuously monitored.  Our service portfolio in this area  leverages a wide range AWS services including data protection, identity and access management, network and application protection, threat detection and continuous monitoring, as well as compliance and data privacy.